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Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer Fundraiser

SK8 to ELIMIN8 Cancer on March 8!

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The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and Cool Sports, Home of the Icearium, are teaming up for another Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer ice skating fundraiser.   Join in the fun and take to the ice on Sunday, March 8 from 4:00-6:00 p.m., for Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer. This event will take place at Cool Sports, Home of the Icearium, 110 S. Watt Road in West Knoxville.

While it is free to attend, the registration cost to skate is only $10 which includes skate rental.  Many participants are asking friends, family and coworkers to pledge their support for this event which will raise money to fight cancer and support patients, their families, and their caregivers.

Several participants have already secured support for this event through gifts of $10, $100, and even $1,000.  Visit to download the sponsor form to secure pledges or to obtain more event information.  Prize packs will be awarded to participants who raise funds at certain levels.  The 2015 benefits include:

$250 – Team Scott sports bottle

$500 – Team Scott long-sleeve athletic shirt

$1,000 – Team Scott hooded sweatshirt

$2,500 – Team Scott hooded sweatshirt & duffle bag

$5,000 – 10 Tickets to Knoxville Scott Hamilton and Friends on Ice Show & Celebration Dinner on February 20, 2016 (transportation and lodging not provided) OR Team Scott long-sleeve athletic shirt, hooded sweatshirt and duffle bag.

$10,000+ – Exclusive prize package customized by the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation team

There are several ways you can participate in this family-fun event:

  1. Print the pledge form and get started on securing your pledges.  Fundraising is fun!
  2. Come out that day and skate!  Cost to skate is $10 at the door which includes skate rental.
  3. Whether you skate or not, we encourage you to attend this family fun event and encourage others to join you.  The important thing is for everyone to unite to support patients in their fight to survive cancer.

Whether you skate or not, we encourage you to attend this family friendly event.  The important thing is for everyone to unite in our mission to support cancer patients.  If you can’t make it, please consider pledging your support through a donation.  Many Provision and Cool Sports employees, figure skaters, hockey players, and others are securing pledges to raise money to make a difference.

Unfortunately, we are all touched by cancer.  The good news is we can make a difference in supporting patients and their families through the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.  Whether it is education and wellness programs, funding research, or providing patient assistance, the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation fights cancer because of people investing in its mission.

No rsvp is required to attend on March 8th.  If you have questions, visit or call the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation at 1 (844)-SCOTT84.

A Second Opinion is Important

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Provision Center for Proton Therapy is proud to partner with WVLT Channel 8 on the “2nd Opinion, 2nd Chance” campaign.  More than 1.6 million cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States resulting in nearly 586,000 premature deaths.  The Volunteer State sees nearly 36,000 new cancer cases resulting in 14,000 deaths.

By encouraging self-education, preventative screenings and increasing awareness of available cancer treatment options such as proton therapy, we hope to encourage the East Tennessee community to make informed healthcare decisions.  If you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, get a second opinion and find out what treatments are available to you.  The goals of this campaign are to:

      • Encourage taking charge of your own health by learning about appropriate cancer treatment options available to you right here in this community, such as proton therapy
      • Promote early detection by encouraging preventive screenings
      • Connect cancer survivors with future survivors
      • Increase awareness of advancements in cancer treatments
      • Share cancer survival stories
      • Encourage participation in the Eddie Check program, a FREE PSA blood test to detect prostate cancer, held every Fall in more than a dozen East Tennessee communities

For more information on proton therapy, Eddie Check or connecting with a cancer survivor through the Ambassador program, please call (865) 862-1600.

Provision Focuses on More Than Just Treatment

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One of the unique aspects of Provision Center for Proton Therapy is the Culture of Care that patients experience as well as the wholistic approach to offered to each patient. One aspect of that is nourishing and healing the body through exercise and nutrition.  Patients and family members of patients are encouraged to take advantage of the comprehensive wellness center located on the Dowell Springs campus right across the street from Provision Center for Proton Therapy.  Patients undergoing proton therapy treatments, and their family members, can have access to Provision Health & Performance for only $10 per week while the patient is undergoing treatment. The center offers personal training, fitness classes, nutritional counseling and physical therapy.  Incorporating fitness and good nutrition while undergoing treatment is an important component of the treatment and healing process.


Eating well is very important for patients diagnosed with cancer and under cancer treatment.  Balance and moderation in the nutrients consumed as well as meal / snack timing is necessary to:

•             maintain strength and energy level

•             prevent wasting of body tissue / muscle mass

•             lower the risk of infections

•             repair / recover faster

The four main nutritional goals for cancer patients include:

•             Strive to maintain a healthy weight

•             Consume foods and beverages for managing cancer and treatment-related side effects

•             Select and eat healthy foods that supply the body with fuel and nutrients for repair and healing

•             Reduce risk of cancer recurrence and the development of a second malignancy


Physical Activity

Physical activity can help you maintain muscle mass, muscle strength and bone strength, reduce depression, stress, fatigue, nausea and constipation, and improve appetite.   Energy levels vary depending on the type of cancer, stage of cancer and type of treatment.   Therefore, the amount and type of physical activity can vary greatly from one person to another.  A realistic goal for physical activity is one that is individualized and may change from one day to the next.  Ideally, aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity, like walking, each week.  Rest when you need to.  If 150 minutes seems too much, that is ok.  Now is not the time to push yourself to exercise.  Even small amounts of movement are beneficial.  The beautiful Dowell Springs campus is home to a scenic 2-mile walking trail that meanders by waterfalls and breathtaking natural landscaping.  A daily walk on the trail is a perfect way to get some exercise and enjoy the peaceful beauty of our campus.

For more information on the services offered at Provision Health & Performance call (865) 232-1414


Casey Peer is Chief Dietitian at Provision Health and Performance.  To set up a personal nutritional counseling session with Casey, please contact her at (865) 232-1414.