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July 2016

Throat cancer patient high on proton therapy

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When Terry Vinson first felt a small grown the size of a pinkie fingertip on his neck, he dismissed it as a harmless cyst.

Even two weeks later, when it had doubled into the size of a thumb and then doubled again the following week, he had not yet sought medical help.

“I’m in medical sales,” Vinson says. “I should have known better.” Read More

Patient-focused care starts here

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When you’re a cancer patient who is considering proton therapy, sometimes there are more questions than answers. Am I going to be a candidate? How many treatments would I need? How do I even get started?

Questions like these are answered every day by Provision’s care coordinators. We are a team of three full-time employees who love to talk with patients and help them with their questions. We also feel strongly that every patient’s situation deserves individual attention and consideration. Read More