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October 2016

Study proves proton therapy effective for breast cancer patients

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With breast cancer getting lots of attention this time of year, women should know that research has shown patients experience excellent survival rates and cosmetic results with proton therapy.

Loma Linda University’s Proton Treatment and Research Center conducted the clinical trial on patients with early stage invasive (non lobular) breast cancer. The 2014 study, “Partial Breast Radiation Therapy With Proton Beam: 5-Year Results With Cosmetic Outcomes,” represents the most solid data set to date on proton therapy and breast cancer outcomes. Read More

High-powered patient “in love” with proton therapy

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When 60-year-old Keith Eades was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he wasn’t satisfied with the option of surgery recommended by his physician. After much research, he chose proton therapy, a type of targeted radiation treatment that allowed him to continue his active lifestyle and experience limited side effects from treatment.

“There have been zero, I mean zero side effects from proton therapy,” said Eades. “I may be the person most in love with proton therapy in the world.” Read More