Radiation—something to celebrate

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In this November of thankfulness, radiation may not top most people’s lists—but it should.

This week, we give radiation its due by celebrating National Radiologic Technology Week. Without the scientific discovery and a host of expert healthcare providers trained to diagnose treat patients with radiation, there would be less ability to diagnose everything from broken bones to Alzheimer’s disease—and fewer survivors of cancer. Read More

Proton Therapy: The Successful Treatment For Prostate Cancer You Should Be Getting

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Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in American men after skin cancer. Approximately one out of every seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point during their life. However, it’s rare for those who are younger than 40 to develop prostate cancer. Nearly 6 out of 10 prostate cancer patients diagnosed are over the age of 65.
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National particle therapy conference boosts proton therapy’s profile

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Proton therapy got positive billing at the recent Particle Therapy Cooperative Group, as researchers from across the country presented findings that showed proton therapy reduced potentially life-altering side effects and improved survival rates for cancer patients.

The National Association for Proton Therapy (NAPT) released a summary of the results, which included the findings of studies focused on esophageal, prostate and breast cancer. Read More

Latest research shows benefit of proton therapy for children with head and neck cancer

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Thousands of cancer patients have and could benefit from proton therapy, and children definitely top the list.

This week, exciting news has emerged from the renowned Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia confirming that proton therapy effectively treats pediatric cancers of the head and neck and reduces the side effects often experience with conventional radiation treatment.

It’s one more step toward growing and full recognition of proton therapy in the medical community as a state-of-the-art treatment option for cancer. Read More

Radiation (esp. proton therapy) can be a treatment option for liver cancer

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Liver cancer is not among the most common cancers in the U.S. It is, however, among the deadliest.

This year, nearly 41,000 new cases of liver cancer will be diagnosed, breaking down to roughly 70 percent men and 30 percent women. Nearly 29,000 people will die.

What many people may not realize is that liver cancer can be a good candidate for proton therapy. Read More

Breast cancer awareness—know your options

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Sometimes people just get the genetic short end of the stick, but you’d never know Tammy Coleman was one of those people.

Her upbeat personality and contagious enthusiasm belie two heart attacks, a stroke, congestive heart failure and complications related to high blood pressure. And that was all before she was diagnosed with breast cancer—something that ran in her family.

Genetic testing revealed her as the recipient of a genetic mutation that made it highly probable she would develop ovarian cancer too, so within one day Coleman received a double mastectomy and complete hysterectomy.

She had to do chemo, and doctors recommended radiation as well. Because of her existing health problems, particularly related to her heart condition, specialists recommended proton therapy. The targeted nature of protons allow for the benefit of radiation therapy without the collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissue in heart and lungs. Read More

Breast cancer survivor pledges fight for fairer insurance coverage

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When Kim Fuller found love and a new home in rural East Tennessee, she was harboring a frightening secret.

She had discovered a lump in her right breast. She told no one—not even her daughters. Read More

Protons perfect treatment choice for pediatric cancer

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They have come from as close as down the road and as far away as China. Their cases have ranged from highly curable to palliative care. They light up lobby with laugher and courage. And they most clearly show cancer for the monstrosity it is.

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Read More

Local program combines PSA testing with blood donation

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This year Eddie Check is doing the same thing it’s been doing for the past 14 years: providing prostate cancer screenings and blood donations to the people of East Tennessee.

This year’s event kicks off Thursday, Sept. 14, and will be hosted at 12 sites throughout the Knoxville region on Thursday and Friday. The event offers free PSA screenings to men over 40 years old—blood donations encouraged but not required. Read More