Patient Stories

Patient finds unlikely referral shopping for RVs

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As is often the case, the momentous often happen as a result of the seemingly insignificant.

Such as Patricia Borchardt’s visit to Buddy Gregg RVs and Motor Homes shortly after a routine screening indicated she might have breast cancer. Read More

Minorities suffer disproportionately from cancer

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It wasn’t until after Tammy Coleman’s grandfather died that she knew he had prostate cancer. And then a beloved cousin died before Tammy learned of her breast cancer diagnosis. And so it went.

“It’s like a hush-hush thing,” said Coleman, who as a breast cancer survivor—and Provision patient— has become heavily involved in local cancer awareness and fundraising efforts. “You don’t even know they have cancer. They just die one day.”

It is a lethal silence. Read More

Patient with oral cancer finds hope in proton therapy

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This is Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week. Click here to learn more about these types of cancer.

Before her cancer diagnosis, Holly Caster worked in hospitality at Beaumont Hospital in her Michigan hometown, coming up with creative ways to make patients’ stays more comfortable.

There was the flash mob she planned for a high school senior who’d been hospitalized and couldn’t go to prom. The laptop, CDs and company-keeping for a young pregnant woman confined to bed rest whose family lived 50 miles away. She gave cancer patients afghans in their favorite color. She planned in-hospital celebrations for weddings and anniversaries and new babies, all to help people cope as best they could when life dished up the unexpected.

Then the unexpected happened to her. Read More

Pastor, movie producer meets cancer challenge

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From carney kid to cancer survivor, life hasn’t followed a predictable trajectory for Jim McBride. Nonetheless, this businessman turned pastor and movie producer sees divine purpose in every step.

McBride, a pastor and producer of several popular Christian movies including Fireproof and Facing the Giants, recently completed treatment for prostate cancer at Provision Center for Proton Therapy.

Read More

traveling from tupelo to knoxville for proton therapy

Tupelo patients “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with proton therapy

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Tupelo knows all about fans. There are 85,000 people who visit the small, Mississippi town each year to see where the “King of Rock ‘n Roll,” Elvis Presley, was born.

But Tupelo is home to another fan base too. A growing number of local residents are making the journey to Provision Center for Proton Therapy and spreading the word.

And it all started with Elvis. Read More

Provision patient remembered for spirit of generosity, hope

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Philip and Lydia Parks traveled the world in search of a cure for 15-year-old Philip’s aggressive brain cancer that took them to Germany, Israel and Provision.

After multiple surgeries, proton therapy and up-and-coming immunotherapy treatments, his body gave up the fight. Philip died on April 13, 2016. But his mother is dedicated to remembering Philip’s story not as one of sadness but of hope. Read More

Provision reaches 1000-patient milestone!

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The gong—three clangs that echo through the lobby, treatment rooms, work station cubicles. It’s startling for first-time visitors and new employees.

It quickly becomes the joyous reminder of why we’re here.

Today, the 1000th patient rang the graduation bell to applause of patients, former graduates, employees and supporters of the Provision Center for Proton Therapy. Read More