Marga den Engelsman

Marga den Engelsman: International patient from the Netherlands

The quality of life after normal therapy is not so good, but with proton therapy it’s better…much better.

I had been in touch with many different proton therapy centers, but the kindness of the doctors and staff at Provision is what made my decision an easy one. I chose Provision because of the good feeling it gave after speaking with Dr. Ladra and staff. It helped that they also had the newest machines and technology for treatment. It’s the best there is.

The people at Provision are so sweet to me and also to my family. It’s very special. They see you as a real person, not like a number that is passing through. The experience is much different than a hospital. You really feel like you’re inside a big living room. There’s many people and patients you can talk with over coffee. It’s things like this, outside of the treatment, that make Provision so special.

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