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Tennessee Man Fights for Proton Therapy

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Bryan Massengale, of Dayton, Tennessee, stands on his family’s 100-year-old farm that he borrowed money against in order to get proton therapy treatments for prostate cancer.


The Shopper News published an article this week about a Dayton, Tennessee man who went to great lengths to take his health into his own and fight for the cancer treatment he felt was best for him – proton therapy.  Bryan Massengale has been a public school teacher for 30 years in Rhea County and is a bassonist with the Tennessee Wind Symphony.  At his young age, he wanted the most effective and least damaging treatment possible for his prostate cancer.  When faced with the options given to him by doctors, he instead chose proton therapy, but had to borrow  money against his family’s 100-year-old farm to afford treatments.  The insurance he’d been paying into for 30 years of his career refused to pay for proton therapy treatments at the nearest treatment center at the time in Jacksonville, Florida.  Click here to read his compelling story.

Common Questions about Prostate Cancer Screening – Answered Here!

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Marcio Fagundes, M.D., board certified radiation oncologist and medical director of the Provision Center for Proton Therapy, knows a thing or two about prostate cancer.  In this video blog, he answers the most common questions asked about the screening tests used to detect prostate cancer:

What is a PSA screening?  (Hint:  It does not take place at an airport.)

What is a normal PSA range?  (Hint: Higher is NOT better!)

What is a Gleason Score?  (Hint:  It has nothing to do with Jackie Gleason.)

For more information on PSA testing or to learn more about proton therapy, call 855-566-1600 or visit ProvisionProton.com

Five-Year Proton Therapy Study For Prostate Shows 99% Disease-Free Survival

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A recent study by the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology showed that proton therapy is the most effective treatment for prostate cancer.  This study reported very effective outcomes for low, intermediate and high risk patients with prostate cancer.  It also demonstrated minimal toxicity to the healthy tissues surrounding the prostate resulting in excellent patient-reported outcomes with limited side effects.  Five-year disease free survival rates were 99%, 99%, and 76% in low-, intermediate-, and high-risk patients, respectively.  This compares to rates of 97%, 85%, and 67% reported from a five-year study conducted by Memorial Sloan Kettering using IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy).

“The University of Florida study is based on physician-reported and patient-reported outcomes, and it adds convincingly to a large body of evidence regarding the efficacy and unique advantages of proton therapy for prostate cancer,” said Marcio Fagundes, M.D., a board-certified radiation oncologist and medical director of the Provision Center for Proton Therapy. “At the same time, this report debunks the one or two widely reported studies that used sub-standard procedures and surrogate data to draw flawed conclusions.”

Proton Therapy side effects were reported to be minimal.  Gastrointestinal and urologic side effects were 1% and 5.4% respectively.  An earlier study claimed that proton therapy may be more toxic than IMRT.  This study shows that claim to be false.

You can see the complete study at the following link: http://www.redjournal.org/article/S0360-3016(13)03310-5/abstract